As a vegan, cruelty free brand, by choice and not by accident,  you won’t find any leather, exotic skins, fur, silk or feathers in any of our accessories. Our goal will always be to provide elegant, premium shoes without the cruelty that comes from using, animal based materials.
Putting on the most exquisite accessory should not require taking the life of an animal. Hence, we have crafted our accessory collections around an environmentally conscious, ethical vegan culture. We aim to provide the modern, socially conscious yet stylish woman with elegant accessories that complement beauty.
While we continue to grow, we pledge to constantly be in the pursuit of innovative fabrics, sustainable materials and cost effective, environmentally friendly production methods. Planet earth and all of our beautiful earthlings depend on us to do the right thing.

Working Conditions 

No child labor

Ethical working environment

Artisans paid wages above industry standard


No Leather

No Silk

No Fur

No Feathers 

No Sheepskin

No Shearling

No Wool

Sustainable Packaging

Our shoe boxes are made from recycled paper material.

To reduce the amount of waste, our shoe care, brand information, and thank you note card, are printed in a single sheet of paper, made from recycled paper material, and printed with vegetable ink, in the U.S.A in a factory with low VOC emissions.

Shipping boxes, are sealed with EcoEnclose Kraft Paper Tape - water activated tape. It is plant derived, renewable and biodegradable. The adhesive is made from corn starch which is water activated. Made right here in the USA so we reduce carbon footprint of buying something outside of the country.

100% (PCW) Post Consumer Waste paper is used for all of our packing slip invoices.

At Suveria Mota, we believe in paying it forward. We provide charitable donations to various charities on a monthly basis. As a vegan brand, we lovingly love the planet that houses us all.
If you are an organization that believes in our brand or know of one that we should contact, please drop us an email at
Thank you to all of our customers. Without all of you, we couldn't help to pay it forward!!
After making the switch to a plant based diet and adopting a vegan lifestyle, our founder and creative director, Suveria Mota, immediately found her calling. 

While in her closet purging out all her belongings that contained any materials not human-made or vegan, she very quickly realized that all her high-end footwear weren’t vegan at all. Right then her new life vision became clear. She wanted to make the same sexy, modern, exciting, adventurous, exclusive, luxe, sophisticated, provocative, high end types of shoes that were in her shoe closet but entirely with human-made materials without compromising quality, style, and elegant packaging. This passion birthed our elegant, classy and stylish new shoe brand.   

Suveria Mota, currently lives in Florida, with the loves of her life. Her husband and son.